Evolve Golf TDC (Burlington Classic) Philadelphia PGA

Evolve Golf headed north on 95 for the Philadelphia PGA Burlington Classic Pro-Am. This historic event was in it’s 34th year with a field of 240 players held at the beautiful Burlington Country Club.

The Evolve Golf Total Driving Challenge was held on Hole #8. A 380 yard Par 4 that face trouble both left and right with large trees on both side and a fairway 30 yds wide. Players who favored the right hand side of the fairway were able to face an easier shot into the green instead of a large red maple tree which challenged the players on the left side of the fairway.

Third place finish in the TDC after ranking the distance and accuracy numbers went to Trevor Bensel from Overbrook Golf Club with a 272 yard drive and 2 yards off the center. 2nd Place went to Michael Little from Lookaway Golf Club with a 273 yard drive and 1 yard off the center. Our 1st Place finisher went to Matthew Cocco from Overbrook Golf Club with a 276 yard drive and 1 yard off the center. Congratulations to each of our finalists.



1st Place: Matthew Cocco (Overbrook Golf Club)

2nd Place: Michael Little (Lookaway Golf Club)

3rd Place: Trevor Bensel (Overbrook Golf Club)

Evolve Golf would like to thank Mike Mack and his staff from Burlington Country Club on another fabulous event and Geoff Surrette and Brian Schulte along with their staff from the Philadelphia PGA.

Click on the follow link to read more about the  Total Driving Challenge Results.

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