Custom Leatherworks Valuables Pouch: Behind the Print #7

Butterfield has been on the front lines of the golf game since 1918, a mere five years after the sport had its first significant boom–when an “unknown ex-caddie by the name of Francis Ouimet won the Open Championship of America”.

This 20-year-old American amateur’s outstanding triumph over British legends Harry Vardon and Ted Ray inspired more than a few hearts–one being Rev. John Code and his friends. They set out from Chicago to build a club of renown virtue and beauty in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Their promotional booklet of 1921 says, “[The personnel of the Members of the Club] are as broad in view as the wide spreading acres of their beloved Butterfield; as upright as the lordly pines that crown it, as humble as the lovely green carpet it; as winning as the Sylvan retreats that ravine it, and as open and as transparent as the limpid water that embosom it.”

It was not lost on us how special a leatherworks Valuables Pouch for Butterfield needed to be. With elegant white stitchwork on bold, black leather, and crowned with a radiant golden accent stripe in the middle, our team created a product as stunning as Butterfield itself.

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