2019 Northern Ohio Pro-Assistant

Evolve Golf packed up its bags and flew off to Northern Ohio in Beachwood, Ohio for the 2019 Pro-Assistant Championship. 

The TDC was held at the historic Canterbury Golf Club on the 4th hole. A 440-yard beast of a par 4. The hole doglegged to the left, with three bunkers with 240 yards out made it difficult for the players to cut the dogleg. The players who were able to make a long and straight drive left themselves a good second shot into the green. Throughout the day there was a steady breeze blowing into the players face, making it even difficult. 

Third place finish in the TDC after ranking the distance and accuracy numbers went to Brett Coluccio with a 300 yard drive just 2 yards off center. Matt Rutland hit a 292 yard drive just 1 yard off center to finish in second place. First place in the Total Driving Challenge went to Steven Carter with a 298 yard bomb of the drive just off center of the fairway.

1st Steven Carter- The Pepper Pike Club

2nd Matt Rutland- Westwood

3rd Brett Coluccio- Toledo CC

We would like to thank Bill McKinley from Canterbury Golf Club and his staff, as well as David Griffith and his staff from the NOPGA.

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