Custom Shape Woodworks Bag Tag: Behind the Print #8

Since its inception in 1923 and official recognition by the PGA in 1940, the Carolinas PGA section has grown to be the largest section in the PGA. With over 2,000 members and 700 facilities, they have conducted over 200 tournaments a year. The Carolinas PGA section is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of the game of golf and has had a long standing relationship with Evolve Golf.

Pictured above is a collaborative effort that brings 100 years of dedication and passion for the game of golf into a stunning one-of-a-kind custom wooden bag tag. Made from hickory wood and real leather, this piece features a custom laser etching of the Carolina PGA logo with the commemorative 100 Years all placed elegantly inside the shape of North and South Carolina, illustrating what true dedication to the craft can achieve.

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