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For 15 years we’VE been designing products
that are better for the player, better for the course and better for the planet. 

We are thankful for our incredible customers. Excited and inspired as we kick off the final day of the PGA Show. ...

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Over 250,000 trees planted. Check out one of the first prototypes of Project Tee Claim. Recycling Epoch Tees will bring even more sustainability into the game we all love. It all starts on the tee.
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Putting the final touches out for the PGA Show. It All Starts on the Tee. Stop by and say hello! We will be talking about the environmental impact of golf tees from wood tees that plant trees to mower friendly composite tees that save trees.

Booth 3401

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Spent the day prepping for the PGA Show in Orlando. So excited to display the fantastic product we have been working on, including the Project Good Woods tees that have planted over 25,000 trees so far. Happy Monday to you all!.
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Who’s excited for the 2020 PGA Show? I know we are. Come stop by Booth 3401 and check out some of the product we’re working on, whether it be Project Good Woods, Epoch, or our EC2 Foundry. See you all there. •

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Wishing everyone a festive holiday season! ...

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