Northern Texas 2019 Western Championship

Evolve Golf headed to the Lone Star State for the Northern Texas PGA 2019 Western Championship on July 15th & 16th at the amazing Tangle Ridge Golf Club.

The Evolve Golf Total Driving Challenge was held on the beautiful 7th Hole. A 406 yard Par 4 that faced trouble on the right side with challenging bunkers coming into play. With trees hovering the left side, the players must hit the fairway to allow themselves a straight approach shot into the green.

Third place finish in the TDC after ranking distance and accuracy went to Richard Farmer of The Vaquero Club with a 307 yard drive and 2 feet from the center. 2nd Place went to Stuart Deane of Texas Star Golf Club with a 326 yard drive and 2 feet from the center. 1st Place went to Nathan Tyler of Keeton Park Golf Club with a 331 yard drive and 3 feet from the center. Congratulations to each of our finalists.

1st Place: Nathan Tyler (Keeton Park Golf Club)

2nd Place: Stuart Deane (Texas Star Golf Club)

3rd Place: Richard Farmer (Vaquero Club)


Evolve Golf would like to thank Mark Viskozki and his staff for an amazing event at Tangle Ridge as well as Ryan Kossick, Tyler Davidson and all the NTPGA staff for an amazing event.

Check out the full results of the Total Driving Challenge. 

Just over a year ago, we launched our Wood Tees that Plant Tree program with Project Good Woods. A project in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, where a portion of every sale goes towards helping areas damaged in the clubs region. Learn more about Project Good Wood.

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