Two of the Top Five Finishers Play Epoch Performance Tees at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Evolve Golf’s Epoch Extends Position as The #1 Performance Golf Tee on Tour™
Ocean Isle, NC March 21, 2008 – Evolve Golf, Inc.
News Summary

  • Evolve Golf confirmed that two of the top five finishers at the Arnold Palmer Invitational played Epoch performance golf tees.
  • The Epoch golf tee has won 98 times on the major tours since its 2004 debut, including 26 wins on the PGA Tour.
  • The Epoch golf tee is the only golf tee with a radius post that spans the width of a dimple. The Epoch golf tee features the lowest coefficient of friction between the golf ball and tee.  The Epoch golf tee eliminates deflection at impact resulting in increased ball launch speed when compared to wood tees and other alternative tees.

Evolve Golf is the leading manufacturer of sustainable performance golf tees, including the Epoch™, The #1 Performance Golf Tee on Tour™. Evolve Golf products are available at golf clubs and retailers worldwide. For more information about Evolve Golf and our products please visit our website.

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