2016 Georgia PGA Pro Pro Championship

Dec 06, 2016

2016 Georgia PGA Pro Pro Championship


The Evolve team loaded up and headed south for a few days to join the Georgia PGA for the 2016 Pro-Pro Championship at Sea Island Golf Club. The scenic views and warm weather brought players from all over the state out to the event. Players rolled out of their carts Monday morning with rain gear and umbrellas to ward off the severe storms that were in the forecast. The overcast skies parted and lead to sunshine as the Evolve team set up shop on the Par 4 399 yard 10th hole of the Seaside course. Players needed to be precise with their tee shots with a large fairway bunker right and a water hazard left spelling trouble for any errant drives.

There was a nice breeze at the players back both days which encouraged players to reach for the driver. The early morning rain shower Tuesday morning made it difficult for players to get any roll out from their tee shots.

Aaron Elrod secured third place with a drive of 301 yards that was 1 yard off the center line. Second place was taken by Jeff Cammon with a drive of 310 and right on the center line. Jacob Tilton weighed in with a huge drive of 320 yards that was dead on the center to claim the top spot in the Evolve Golf Total Driving Challenge.

Evolve Golf would like to thank John Wade, PGA and his staff at Sea Island Golf Club for their hospitality and the championship course conditions. Evolve Golf would also like to thank the Georgia PGA for their help and hospitality over the two days at Sea Island.

1st Place- Jacob Tilton
2nd Place- Jeff Cammon
3rd Place- Aaron Elrod

Unofficial Tee Count:

Epoch: 126
Wood: 57
Other: 3

Click on the following link to view the Evolve Total Driving Challenge results.

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