Epoch S3 Lucky Clover Combo Pack


Be Absolutely Sure You’re Hitting The Sweet Spot.  Consistently hitting your driver’s sweet spot delivers the maximum amount of carry distance and roll.

Take the guess work out of properly teeing up your ball. Epoch-S3 golf tees feature Evolve Golf’s patented Sweet Spot System. Use the bands printed on the Epoch S3 golf tee to align the height of the ball with your driver’s sweet spot. Use the Sweet Spot System app on our website to get the proper tee height custom fit to your driver.

Durable Epoch golf tees are Made in the USA with recycled plastics. Epoch golf tees are nearly unbreakable.

  • 30 2.75″ length Epoch-S3 tees
  • Ten 1.50″ Epoch tees

It All Starts on the Tee.