3.25″ Custom Epoch Tee Designer


1. Click on the tee to choose your color. Click on the color color square below the tee to change the color.   

2. You can personlize the side of the tee, the cup of the tee or both.  Select the SIDE VIEW or the CUP VIEW. 

3. Personalize your Epoch. 

SIDE VIEW: Blue Bounding Box shows area of tee which can be printed on. Any text outside of the bounding box cannot be printed.

You can choose to personalize your Epoch with text, select ADD TEXT. Enter your personalzied text, click the green ADD TEXT box and then click the X at the top right of the box to close the text box. Click on the text you enter to customize font and color. 

You can choose from our stock options. CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS

You can upload your own images from your computer, from your Instagram, or from your Facebook account. Click on ADD IMAGE. 

Shaft customization: 5¢ per tee

Cup customization: 5¢ per tee

Please click the chat button if you run into any problems. If we are not available to chat please send us an email.  We are happy to help you personalize your Epoch.  

*Can not print any Trademarked logos* *Our company policy prevents us from printing vulgar or indecent requests.*