Epoch golf tees are available in the following sizes and colors

Epoch 1.50″ Composite tee

Designed for irons, hybrids, and fairway metals. The perfect tee for par 3’s.

Epoch 2.25″ Composite tee

The perfect tee to take off synthetic mats, and is also designed with lower handicap golfers in mind, who like to tee it up low.

Epoch 2.75″ Composite tee

The standard, “go-to” length for your driver, and for most golfers abilities.

Epoch 3.25″ Composite tee

The best tee for those rainy, soggy conditions and perfect for the golfer who likes to tee it high and let it fly.

Avg # of Tees Needed Per Round

Epoch                   1

Hardwood        6

Bamboo              8

Tees Needed for 20,000 Rounds




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