Custom Wood Golf Tees: Behind the Print #6-Full Color PGWs

Having planted over 30,000 trees since 2018, Project Good Woods is one of the many ways we express our commitment to sustainability here at Evolve. These PGW tees designed for Meadowbrook (left), Maketwah (center), and Cattail Creek (right) are just three magnificent examples of that value upheld.

Pictured in Meadowbrook’s cup is the year 1944 when the club was established by “a group of forward-thinking Washington Avenue manufacturers and Chestnut Street real estate moguls”. With freshly renovated and excellently groomed grounds, the club continues to stay current with the times. What better tee design to illustrate one of St. Louis’s finest club’s perfect combination of a deep, rich history and bright horizons ahead than our dark natural finish with bright, light blue and contrasting navy stripes.

Established in 1910, Maketewah’s world-class, classic course has undergone numerous renovations by renowned designers such as Thomas Bendelow and Donald Ross. Nestled in the heart of Cincinnati, the hosts of the U.S. Open qualifiers for several years offer “a premier golf and country club escape from life’s hustle and bustle”. In 1921, the club was renamed from Hamilton County Golf Club to Maketewah after the Shawnee name for the Mill Creek vitally connecting Cincinnati to northern trade in the 1700’s. Accompanying this name change–a bow of respect and honor to their Native American cohabitants–came the logo change: the chief pictured on their natural-stain cup.

Nestled in the heart of Glenwood and founded a short 35 years ago, Cattail Creek has been dubbed one of the top golf courses in Maryland. The rural rolling hills, extensive water features, and intricate design by course architect Willard Byrd play a critical role in making this a fun course to play. The 4-Color PGW design featuring green, gold, and blue stripes on a white wood tee exemplifies the balance between turf and water, with the cattails logo boldly contrasting as the design’s crowning glory.

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