Custom Golf Tees: Behind the Print #1-MyGolfSpy “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” PGW



When MyGolfSpy reached out to Evolve Golf to create a special edition golf tee, our team got excited.

MyGolfSpy is well known for their objective product reviews. “One of my favorite tee designs ever,” one team member said–and with tens of millions of custom logo tees coming through our office, that means something. That’s why it was a no brainer to make these amazing custom logo wood golf tees the first in our “Fairway Favorites” series.

The first thing golfers will notice is the bold, white text on a loud, red shaft stating, “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT.”

The “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” tag is an important safety sign for aircraft maintenance, notifying personnel that the attached component needs removal. The tags are checked during ground handling processes as part of a standardized checklist.

Adding a sense of urgency to a golf tee is a hard thing to do, but lo and behold, MyGolfSpy has done it.

Moving from the intense shaft of the tee towards the cup, MyGolfSpy decided to go with a paint-dipped black cup for their PGW tees, a great way to capture their signature spy logo.

The duality of the bright red shaft and black cup catches eyes no matter what tee box a ball is being teed up on.

With over 15 million readers, MyGolfSpy designed the perfect tee to encapsulate their audience and catch golfers’ eyes everywhere, all in one fell swoop.

2 thoughts on “Custom Golf Tees: Behind the Print #1-MyGolfSpy “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” PGW

  1. Boo Moerschell says:

    Would line to make some tees to represent the college I will be attending as well have my mom’s favorite number on it as well. She passed from breast cancer 4 years ago.

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