Evolve Golf’s Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

Our favorites and not so favorites…


We reached out to some seasoned golfers and asked them to help us craft a list of favorite and not so favorite golf gifts to give and receive this holiday season. They came up with a list spanning from unique keepsakes to classic items any golfer can use. Our holiday gift guide is ready to make your holiday shopping a little easier this year!



1. A gift card to one of their favorite courses: what could be better than a round of golf or some fresh golf apparel from their local golf shop? Play local!

2. A golf club fitting: you can never go wrong with a fitting for a new driver or a custom set of irons for the golfer in your life!

3. Ball markers: an oldie but a goodie. If you want to take it to the next level, buy a laser engraved metal and add a custom message. (Custom metal ball marker)

4. Divot tools: something that always has a use. Grab a divot tool bottle opener for a gift that can be used on and off the course. (Divot tool bottle opener)

5. Head covers: the golfer in your life may need some new head covers… or at least another set. We suggest a set from Winston collection headcovers.

6. Golf socks: snag a pair of Motionwool. Happy feet lead to lower scores! (Motionwool performance socks)

7. A training aid from Orange Whip: a classic gift that’ll help them up their game. (Orange Whip training aids)

8. Golf tees: every golfer you know needs them, some have preferences, some don’t, but you can never go wrong with some durable Epoch Golf Tees or a fresh batch of PGW-S3 wood tees.


Not so favorites:

1. Buying clothing items: let’s say you pass on the gift card and accidentally buy the wrong size. You may end up offending them or worse… sending them back to the store for an exchange.

2. Signs: the golfers have spoken; they have enough signs.

3. Knick knacks with golf sayings on them: similar to the signs, there’s no more room for Knick Knacks. Trust us, they’ve seen them all.

4. A score counter: it seems like a nice gift, but if you’re scores are higher than double bogey, you probably don’t want to have something that shows it.

5. Golf gadgets: if you’re online looking up “cool golf gifts” you’re likely to find some gadgets. Believe it or not, these are not the kind of gadgets they’ll want. Take a pass on these. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Golf ball retriever: if we’re being honest, a lot of golfers just take the loss when the ball ends up in the water. It’s not likely they’ll bring this to the course and use it.

7. Toilet time putting mat set. This is a universal no.

8. Bikini lady novelty tees. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


We hope our list of favorites and not so favorites help you in your holiday shopping this year!

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