2018 Metropolitan PGA Pro-Assistant Long Island

Evolve Golf was fortunate enough to be MET PGA section for the second week in a row to conduct their total driving challenge. The rescheduled MET PGA Pro-Assistant Championship was hosted at Nissequogue Golf Club. A beautiful mid seventies sunny day and a beautifully manicured golf course was ideal for the TDC. The 13th hole at Nissequogue is a 534 yard par 5 and featured a tight fairway between two bunker for the players to hit into. PGA professionals were fortunate to only have slight breeze to deal with but still had to hit an extremely accurate tee shot to land in the fairway.
Third Place finish in the TDC after ranking the distance and accuracy numbers went to John Guyton of Rockville Links with a 273 yard drive just 2 yards off center. Alex Smith of Garden City Golf Club hit 279 yard drive just 3 paces from the center to finish in second place. First place in the Total Driving Challenge went to JD Guiney with a 314 yard bomb and four yards from our center.
Evolve Golf would like to thank the Metropolitan PGA and their staff for putting on such a great event. We would also like to thank John Elwood and the staff at the Nissequogue Golf Club for hosting the Pro-Assistant at their beautiful club.
Thank You to all the participants and congrats to the winners of the Total Driving Challenge.
1st– JD Guiney, Piping Rock Club
2nd– Alex Smith, Garden City GC
3rd– John Guyton, Rockville Links
Unofficial Tee Count:
Epoch: 50
Wood: 33
PGW: 3
Other: 11
Click on the following link to view the Evolve Total Driving Challenge results.

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