How to Match Your Tee to Your Driver’s Sweet Spot

No matter what brand or type of driver you’re hitting, consistently finding your club’s “sweet spot” is one of the best ways to amp up your play. Even with the advancements in driver technology, this is still true. As a matter of fact, according to, the hot spot on most drivers today has creeped it’s way up to the top scoring line of the face. This helps you get that nice, high-launch, low-spin flight for greater distance.
Good Drives Depend on Good Teeing
It’s not enough to know where your driver’s hot spot is, you also need to be able to align your ball to it. Many players like to perch it in the stratosphere on a 3-inch tee. We’re big fans of taking a somewhat smarter approach; matching you balls height to your driver’s hot spot.
Learn From our Experience
At Evolve Golf, we’ve painstakingly abused our own scorecards in order to determine the actual hot spot of virtually every modern driver out there. We then configured it to the Epoch tee for an incredible performance cocktail. Using this information, we created the Sweet Spot System to help you take the guess work out of teeing up your ball to align perfectly with your driver’s face. Just select the brand, the driver type, and the loft of your club, and the system will show you exactly how far to sink your tee to get the most out of your drive. Because if there’s one thing we know at Evolve Golf… every little bit counts.

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