2016 Northern California PGA Senior-Junior Championship

2016 No CA PGA Senior-Junior Championship_TDC
Evolve Golf took the Total Driving Challenge across the country for the Northern California Senior-Junior Championship at Spring Valley Golf Club in Milpitas, CA. A beautiful sunny day matched with mid 70’s temps made for a great day of golf. The Total Driving Challenge took place on Hole #9, a short, straight away par 4 taunting golfers to let it rip. This challenge measures professionals on their distance and accuracy from the center of the fairway. At the end of the day, we had 3 professionals who prevailed. Finishing up in third place with an impressive 284-yard drive that was only 1 yard off from the center line was Ed Hester of Cameron Park Country Club. C.J. Snyder out of Round Hill Country Club captured second place with a 296-yard drive that was 1 yard off the center line. And coming in first place was Ryan Williams with an absolute bomb drive of 312 that fell just 1 yard off the center line. Congrats to all our winners and a huge thanks to the Northern California PGA and Spring Valley for a great event.
1st place: Ryan Williams
2nd place: C.J. Snyder
3rd place: Ed Hester
Unofficial Tee Count:
Epoch: 43
Wood: 16
Others: 8
Click on the following link to view the Evolve Golf Total Driving Challenge results.

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