2016 Michigan PGA Spring Scramble

2016 Michigan PGA Spring Scramble
The early forecast was a little bleak for the Michigan Section Spring Scramble, but as the first group stepped up to the Evolve Golf Total Driving Challenge on the 462 yard par 4 first, the clouds parted and the sun appeared. The winds picked up throughout the day, but nothing could put a damper on the beautiful University of Oakland’s Sharf Course! The participants uncorked some very long drives during the day, but when factoring in accuracy, it wasn’t the longest drives that came out on top. In third place we had a tie between Brian Carins and Justin Reynolds who had matching drives of 295 yards, and right in the middle of the fairway. In second, with a drive of 300 yards and also right in the center of the fairway was Josh Proben. The winning drive for the Evolve Golf Total Distance Challenge was Jim Troy with a drive of 305 and dead center of the fairway. A big thanks the staff at The Sharf Course for being so accommodating! Congratulations to all the winners, and the Michigan PGA staff for putting on such a great event!
1st place: Jim Troy
2nd place: Josh Proben
Tie 3rd place: Brian Carins
Tie 3rd place: Justin Reynolds
Unofficial Tee Count:
Epoch: 103
Wood: 25
Others: 8
Click on the following link to view the Evolve Total Driving Challenge results.

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