2016 Carolinas PGA Head Professional Championship Total Driving Challenge Results

2016 Carolinas PGA Head Professional Championship
Over the past couple years the CPGA Head Professionals Championship has been known to test players with cold and wet conditions. This year’s Championship was a much warmer and drier affair. Players were treated to 2 beautifully warm and sunny days at the exceptional Wexford Golf Club. Evolve Golf set up for the first leg of the 2016 Total Distance Challenge Tour on the par 4, 10th Hole. A slight helping wind both days lead to some great drives on the tight driving hole. With a drive of 300 yards, and only 3 yards off center, Mr. Billy Anderson placed third. Second place goes to Luke Lovell with a drive of 292 yards, and just 1 yard off center. Our first winner of the 2016 season is Mr. Brian Joyce, with a drive of 298 yards, and 1 yard off center. As you can see from the results, this was one of the tightest finishes we have ever had. Congratulations to the tournament winner Mr. Kelly Mitchum, and to the winners of the Evolve Golf Total Distance Challenge.
1st Place Brian Joyce
2nd Place Luke Lovell
3rd Place Billy Anderson
The unofficial tee count;
Epoch 58
Wood 15
Other 4
Click on the following link to view the CPGA Head Pro Championship results.

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