Welcome to the Total Driving Challenge

Total Driving Challenge Tour
What if the game were slimmed down?
Way down.
Way, way down.
Down to one day.
Down to one fairway.
Down to one drive.
How would you measure the game? Would you rise to the top of the leaderboard? That’s what Evolve Golf’s Total Driving Challenge is all about.
The Total Driving Challenge is more than a long drive event. It’s a live competition that is being held at 16 different PGA section tournaments in 2016. The TDC places a premium on both distance and accuracy, pitting PGA Professionals against each other, and ranking them on their total distance as well as their accuracy from the center-line of the fairway.
That’s it. One tee, one ball, one shot.
Evolve first started the TDC here at home during a Carolinas PGA section tournament to demonstrate the value of the Epoch golf tee. Since then, it has grown in popularity among the pros who love the single-shot, winner-take-all competition. And as demand grew, so did the TDC, into it’s own “tour within a tour.” You can track the TDC results here.
The Total Drive Challenge. It all starts on the tee.

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