2014 Carolinas PGA Professional Championship Total Driving Challenge Results

The 18th hole at the Duke University Golf Club set the stage for Evolve Golf’s Total Driving Challenge at the 2014 Carolinas PGA Professional Championship. Competitor’s drives were ranked for both distance and accuracy to the target line. All drives were measured by Flightscope’s X2.  Derek Easter’s winning drive was 300.4 yards long and 2.2 yards off the target line.  Runner up John Kolls checked in with a drive of 282.1 yards that was 1.1 yards off the target line. Chuck Johns finished up in the money with a 278 yard drive that landed a yard off of target.
Congratulations to the  winners;
1st Place     Derek Easter
2nd Place    John Kolls
3rd Place     Chuck Johns
The unofficial tee count;
Epoch    84
Wood    49
Other     2

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