Evolve Golf’s Epoch Performance Tee Dominates Competition in Two More Independent Lab Tests

Patented, Tour-Proven Design Shown to Improve
Distance and Accuracy

Sunset Beach, NC October 19, 2010 – Evolve Golf, Inc.
News Summary

  • Evolve Golf confirms recent independent testing conducted at both GolfTest USA and Golf Laboratories showed the company’s patented, Tour-proven Epoch performance tee provides significantly greater total distance and accuracy than competing products.
  • Featuring a robot and players with a wide variety of handicaps and swing speeds, these are the latest in a series of tests to support the distinct advantages golfers of all abilities can gain by using the Epoch.
  • Using a launch monitor, GolfTest USA compared the Epoch to a three-post composite tee, an offset composite tee and a traditional wooden tee. According to the data acquired from 20 male and female golfers hitting multiple shots with each tee, the Epoch proved on average to be:

11.6 yards longer and 1.6 yards more accurate than the three-post composite tee

9.0 yards longer and 4.7 yards more accurate than the traditional wooden tee

7.3 yards longer and 2.2 yards more accurate than the offset composite tee

  • Those results were mirrored by Golf Laboratories, which conducted its tests at a swing speed of 95 mph using a robot and launch monitor in a controlled test environment. Under these conditions, the Epoch was shown to be:

1.8 yards longer and 2.0 yards more accurate than the three-post composite tee

5.8 yards longer and 2.7 yards more accurate than the traditional wooden tee

3.4 yards longer and 3.0 yards more accurate than the offset composite tee

  • Since its 2004 debut, the Epoch has been part of 127 major Tour wins, including 48 PGA Tour victories. Used weekly by scores of PGA Tour players it is the only performance tee with radius posts that span the width of a golf ball dimple. This unique feature creates the lowest coefficient of friction of any tee, eliminating deflection at impact and increasing ball speed and control.
  • Like all Evolve Golf products and packaging, the Epoch is environmentally friendly. Made from recycled materials, the design is significantly more durable than its wooden counterparts and not harmful to mower blades.

Attributed to: BJ Maloy, Founder & CEO, Evolve Golf, Inc.
“The test results go hand-in-hand with the fact that so many of the world’s best players trust the Epoch’s performance advantages to help them win on Tour,” says BJ Maloy, Founder and CEO of Evolve Golf. “When the variability of each golfer’s swing is evaluated, golf tee design flaws become blatantly evident. Whether it’s a test featuring a robot in controlled conditions or average men and women swinging away, our tees are quite literally outpacing the competition.”
About Evolve Golf
The industry’s emerging golf tee leader, Evolve Golf’s innovative and sustainable products are available at marquee private clubs, daily-fee facilities, off-course and online retailers worldwide. Visit the store locator online to find retailers in a specific area.
To date more than 300 top clubs and resorts nationwide have embraced the superior performance and durability of its eco-friendly golf tees by completely phasing out wooden offerings.
For more information please visit: www.evolvegolf.com or call 866.614.3158

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