Evolve Golf to Showcase Completely Sustainable Booth at 2010 PGA Merchandise Show (#3009)

Sunset Beach, NC January, 25 2010 – Evolve Golf, Inc.
News Summary

  • Evolve Golf – maker of the No. 1 performance golf tee on Tour – will exhibit its full line of innovative products at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in a specially designed, ultra eco-friendly booth (#3009) that showcases the company’s dedication to sound environmental practices.
  • Recognized as one of the golf industry’s most environmentally-friendly companies, Evolve Golf’s popular performance tee lines and packaging are made completely from recycled materials. Taking this approach to another level at the PGA Merchandise Show, the company’s unique display booth will feature:
  • A structure made completely from reclaimed river wood, dredged using historical research and sonar technology by the Cape Fear Riverwood company – dedicated to protecting living forests by relying on resources abandoned a century ago
  • ECO ACT II banners from Banner Creations – a green printer since 1993 – which are made from 100-percent post consumer recycled PET bottles. Exceptionally durable, they offer great print quality through a dye sublimation process employing water-based inks
  • FLOR carpet tiles made with renewable and recycled content, an ingenious flooring design system that blends form, function and a commitment to be environmentally responsible
  • The company will also be exhibiting the new Epoch-S3 model, as well as an enhanced range of color options, sustainable packaging and smaller “pro shop packs,” at this year’s PGA Show.
  • Since 2004, Evolve Golf products have been a part of 124 major Tour wins, including 46 PGA Tour victories. The Epoch is the only performance tee with radius posts that span the width of a golf ball dimple. This unique feature creates the lowest coefficient of friction of any tee, eliminating deflection at impact and increasing ball speed and control. The Vireo features a wider, deeper cup for greater stability than traditional wood tees. Evolve products are far more durable than their wooden counterparts and not harmful to mower blades.

Attributed to: BJ Maloy, Founder & CEO, Evolve Golf, Inc.
“Since day one we have been dedicated to providing players and facilities with products that out perform competitors on the course and are as eco-friendly as possible,” says BJ Maloy, Founder and CEO of Evolve Golf. “This specially designed trade show booth is a representation of who we are as company and further expands our message of the importance of sustainability in the industry.”
About Evolve Golf
The industry’s emerging golf tee leader, Evolve Golf’s innovative and sustainable products are available at marquee private clubs, daily-fee facilities, off-course and online retailers worldwide. Visit the store locator online to find retailers in a specific area.
To date more than 150 top clubs and resorts nationwide have embraced the superior performance and durability of its eco-friendly golf tees by completely phasing out wooden offerings.
The Epoch tee recently finished at the top of GolfTest USA’s 2009 “Comprehensive Golf Tee Test,” besting the competing designs from the other leading manufacturers.
For more information please visit: www.evolvegolf.com or call 866.614.3158

2 thoughts on “Evolve Golf to Showcase Completely Sustainable Booth at 2010 PGA Merchandise Show (#3009)

  1. Robert Scarborough says:

    I have played epoch tees before and liked them. Today I played a 2 3/4 w/4 blue rings on the tee. When I had the tee pushed into the ground so only the top of the uppermost ring was showing is when I had my best drives. The tee I played came from a course in South Carolina that had them on the range. This tee is a winner for me. Do you plan on making a ringed tee available to the public to go along with your plain white tee? Thanks for your reply.

    • BJ Maloy says:

      The Epoch-S3 will be available in stores in April. The rings on the Epoch-S3 that you were provided with align the height of the ball with your driver’s sweet spot. Visit http://www.evolvegolf.com/settings for custom tee height settings for your specific driver. We will be unveiling some interesting independent test results pertaining to tee height soon.

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