100 Top Clubs Nationwide Completely Replace Wooden Tees with Evolve Golf’s Epoch

Discerning Course Operators Choose Superior-Performing,
Cost Saving, Eco-Friendly Golf Tee

Sunset Beach, NC October 5, 2009 – Evolve Golf, Inc.
News Summary

  • Evolve Golf confirms that more than 100 top clubs and resorts nationwide have embraced the superior performance and durability of its eco-friendly golf tees by completely phasing out wooden offerings.
  • Reynolds Plantation, Grandfather Golf & Country Club, and Atlanta Athletic Club are among the scores of leading golf facilities coast to coast that have embraced the movement toward environmental conservation.
  • Evolve’s Epoch tees – made of recycled and degradable materials – have multiple benefits for golf facilities. Significantly more durable than traditional wooden offerings, the Epoch greatly reduces tee consumption and eliminates tee litter, improving course aesthetics. Evolve products also help clubs dramatically lower purchasing costs, as they are far more cost-efficient than their counterparts.

Attributed to: BJ Maloy, Founder & CEO, Evolve Golf, Inc.
“Every year the WGC Bridgestone Invitational draws an elite field of players from around the world, and it’s no surprise that the top performers are using the Epoch tee,” says Evolve Golf Founder and CEO, BJ Maloy. “Each week, more and more Tour stars embrace the distance and accuracy benefits our eco-friendly, performance tees provide.”
Testimonials From Top Clubs Nationwide
“We decided to switch to the Epoch for our 2009 season with the expectation that we would use half of our hardwood consumption. We purchased 300,000 hardwood tees in 2008 and thus far our members have consumed just 60,000 Epoch tees to date,” says Sean Martin, PGA Head Professional, Atlanta Athletic Club. “Our tee areas are cleaner and the response from our membership has been overwhelmingly positive. I would gladly endorse the Epoch to any golf shop, as the switch has saved us money.”
“We switched to Evolve products last year and our members love them,” says Bob Mauragas, Vice President of Golf Operations at Reynolds Plantation. “Players are actually picking up tees as they leave the tee box.”
“Since switching to the Epoch in 2008 we have seen the consumption of golf tees trend down substantially each season,” says Katie Clark, Merchandising Manager, The Sanctuary Golf Club. “The members have nothing but positive feedback regarding our switch to the Epoch, as our tee boxes are now free of broken wooden tees.”
“Our members love Evolve tees. So much so that we keep a supply on each par three,” says Chip King, Director of Golf at Grandfather Golf and Country Club. “As a result, we have virtually eliminated the mess of broken tees on the course.”
“The fact is that we are very happy with the Epoch,” says Matt Gallagher, PGA Director of Golf, Country Club of Fairfax. “We have cut the number of tees we go through by two-thirds compared to the number of wood tees we purchased last year.”
“The tees are a huge hit at Black Hall. I didn’t know it was possible for humans to have these kinds of feelings about golf tees,” says Andrew Campbell, Head Professional, Black Hall Club.
About Evolve Golf
Evolve Golf is the leading manufacturer of sustainable performance golf tees and products are available at more than 2,200 marquee private clubs, daily-fee facilities, off-course and online retailers worldwide. The Epoch performance tee was launched in 2004 and quickly gained a devoted following. It has since been a part of 122 worldwide victories including 45 on the PGA Tour. Its unique design is scientifically proven to provide gains in both distance and accuracy.
In early 2009, Evolve Golf introduced the Sweet Spot System – an option available for all Evolve tees – it is an interactive tool that takes the guesswork out of consistently teeing a ball to the proper height by aligning the ball with the driver’s “sweet spot”, assuring golfers get optimum distance and accuracy on every drive. Easy to use, players simply enter the make and model of their driver at Evolve Golf’s website and the application returns the recommended depth of insertion mark to use when placing the tee into the ground. This guide is a visual reference tool featuring four evenly spaced marks printed on the stem of the tee (https://www.evolvegolf.com/settings.php).
Company Founder and CEO BJ Maloy was named one of GOLF Magazine’s top-10 industry innovators of 2008. Maloy was chosen out of hundreds of pioneers for his contributions as an entrepreneur and his quest to enhance the environment through Evolve Golf’s revolutionary products. In 2009, he was honored as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” executives in the sporting goods industry by Sporting Goods Business magazine.
For more information please visit: www.evolvegolf.com or call 866.614.3158

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