2016 Northern Ohio PGA Pro-Assistant Championship

northern ohio pro-assistant
May 31, 2016

2016 Northern Ohio PGA Pro-Assistant Championship


Norther Ohio PGA Pro Asst Championship 2016_Hole #6_TDC

Evolve Golf brought the Total Driving Challenge to the historic Canterbury Golf Club in Cleveland, Ohio for the Northern Ohio PGA Pro-Asst. The Total Driving Challenge took place on Hole #6, a 501-yard par 5. Players were greeted with a narrow tunnel to the fairway that required a right to left ball flight. Those who were able to hit the speed slot on the right side found an extra 15-20 yards roll down the hill. The following three professionals were able to capture the ultimate goal of distance and accuracy. Mark Weitendorf from Firestone captured 3rd place with a 313-yard drive that was 3 yard off the centerline. Josh Diemer from Canterbury CC clinched the 2nd place position with a 325-yard drive that was 2 yards off the centerline. Finally, leaving everyone in the dust, was Greg Smith out of Westbrook CC. Greg found the speed slot and managed hit a 346-yard drive with an accuracy from the center of 2 yards. Congrats to all our winners and thank you for playing in the event!

1st place: Greg Smith
2nd place: Josh Diemer
3rd place: Mark Weitendorf

The Unofficial Tee Count:

Epoch: 103
Wood: 25
Others: 8

Click on the following link to view the Evolve Total Driving Challenge results.

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