2015 Carolinas PGA Pro-Pro Championship Total Driving Challenge Results

Dec 04, 2015

2015 Carolinas PGA Pro-Pro Championship Total Driving Challenge Results


The play conditions varied greatly from day to day for he Carolina PGA Pro-Pro in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Evolve Golf was at Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst’s Magnolia Course for our Total Driving Challenge. The eighth hole is a long and winding par 5 that called for a very precise tee shot. Day one saw a chilly, foggy day, with limited visibility, and wet conditions. Day two was much warmer, but rain moved in during the last half of the round. The final day of play was by far the coldest, but a clear sky and bright sunshine made for a beautiful day. We had great drives each day, but a few stood out among the others. On day 1 Chase Adams hit a drive of 292 yards and 2 yards off center to take third place. Also on day one Clark Rose had a drive of 293 yards and only 2 yards off line. Our winner came from day 2 when Mr. Ryan Schmidt struck a drive of 298 in the dead center of the fairway.

1st Place Ryan Schmidt
2nd Place Clark Rose
3rd Place Chase Adams

The unofficial tee count;
Epoch 175
Wood 43
Other 9

Thank you Carolinas PGA for your overwhelming support of Evolve Golf. Proudly made in the Carolinas.

Click on the following link to view the Pro Pro results.

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